Grades K–3

Specs: 8.5″x11″, 128 pages

Grades 4–8

Specs: 8.5″x11″, 238 pages

In this professional learning series, Marian Small provides open questions for the three parts of the problem-solving lesson: Minds On, Action, and Consolidate.

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NEW! Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson: Grade 9

Open Questions 2020 Ontario Curriculum Correlations

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Each Title:

  • Engages teachers and students in rich problem-solving and math discussions

Each Title:

  • Helps teachers differentiate instruction for all students

Each Title:

  • Offers models to help teachers develop additional open questions

Each Title:

  • Expands the teacher’s repertoire of tasks available for students

Each Title:

  • Clusters the specific expectations of the Ontario mathematics curriculum


Series Editor

Marian Small


Dr. Marian Small is an internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant. Dr. Small, whose career in education has spanned more than four decades, is considered one of the most influential math educators in Canada. She has authored or co-authored more than 85 math resources and travelled to mathematics classrooms around the world to provide consultation focused on improving understanding and performance in K–12 mathematics.


Ontario (English)

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Number Sense and Numeration

Measurement • Patterning & Algebra

Geometry & Spatial Sense, Data Management & Probability

Grade 9: All Strands

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Ontario (French)

Sens du nombre et numération

Measure • Modélisation et Algèbre 

Géométrie et sens de l’espace traitement des données et probabilité 

Open Question Packages (Ontario)

Open Question Packages (French)