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Join a community of math education leaders for a day of discussion and learning

We’ll review the research that tells us how important instructional leadership is to drive fundamental change in your schools. This will be a data-focussed conversation – what gets measured gets done! – led by Doug Duff that digs into the details on what data to measure, how to monitor for success, and then how to build a plan for transformative change based on what the data says. Doug will facilitate building a community of like-minded leaders who are committed to making a measurable difference in their schools by leveraging instructional leadership.

Doug Duff will share his evidence-based approach built on his many years of experience as a principal, instructional leader, and now as the creator of MathUP Leadership. He’s had the pleasure of making authentic connections with district leaders, principals, and classroom educators – where he models strategies for driving impactful change.

Fifteen minutes a day can change your school completely – in math instruction and also in all domains of teaching. It’s what you fit into the fifteen minutes that makes the difference. The goal is to make more principals instructional leaders.

This event has been cancelled.
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