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After more than 30 years of research on how students learn to read, the foundations for the Science of Reading are very well established. In 2024, we regularly hear from Canadian educators that they are thinking about how to include concepts such as phonics, phonological awareness, and explicit instruction in their classroom instruction. With these efforts come questions on how to connect the dots and connect the concepts to educational resources that can be used to help students across Canada learn to read.

We’d love to hear what you’re interested in learning more about! Below we have curated a sample from our best literacy-related virtual sessions. Complete the short form on this page to access the full recordings!

Sharon Vaughn on the Science of Reading

The virtual learning session with Dr. Sharon Vaughn includes

  • An introduction to well-researched backing for the Science of Reading
  • Five key Science of Reading concepts that can be applied in the classroom
  • Detailed walkthrough of explicit and systematic instruction
  • Dr. Vaughn’s answer to frequently asked questions

Introduction to Words Their Way® Classroom with Donald Bear

This session begins with an overview of the importance of word study, why and how word study fits into the curriculum, and the science underlying word study. For professional learning, the process of introducing and growing word study among teachers is presented in 10 components. We then turn to getting started, assessments, and measuring progress. The bulk of the recording focuses on activities for phonics, vocabulary and spelling, and instructional routines. At the end, Dr. Bear answers questions and suggests through next steps.

Words Their Way® Classroom and Structured Literacy in a Science of Reading Environment with expert Donald Bear

Are you incorporating more Science of Reading-backed techniques and principles into your classroom? Is your board or district moving to a Structured Literacy approach for classroom instruction? We’re thrilled to have Donald Bear, world-renowned literacy educator and author, present his expert knowledge on implementing Words Their Way® Classroom  in ways that meet the demands of today’s classroom.

Bringing the Science of Reading to the Balanced Literacy Classroom

How do we weed through it all to find the practices that are a best fit for our classroom? In this session, we’ll explore common literacy practices in K–5 classrooms and identify which practices we should keep and which should be reconsidered. This session will help to take the guesswork out of blending best practices with the latest research.

New and Improved Words Their Way® Classroom

During the session, our presenter covered

  • An implementation guide with updated systematic scope and sequence
  • A teacher resource guide with lesson plans complete with explicit instruction to accompany each sorting activity
  • A robust digital platform inclusive of loads of sorting options, e-readers for students to practise the skill taught in isolation in continuous text, and much, much more!

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