Do it. Understand It. Retain it.

Specs: 7″x9″, 172 pages

The focus throughout Do They Really Understand?, which includes about 300 understanding questions, is to ensure that students are not simply copying what we show them to get correct answers. Framing questions in such a way that allows educators to see whether students truly understand the concepts they are learning will allow teachers to see the concepts that need more attention, which will, in turn, help students achieve success in math.


  • more than 300 sample questions to build and assess student understanding
  • transformative strategies for educators to use to create understanding questions
  • a breakdown of mathematical topics by grade level and strand, from K–8
  • explanations of each math concept, including helpful diagrams of what might appear in student answers


Marian Small


Dr. Marian Small is an internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant. Dr. Small, whose career in education has spanned more than four decades, is considered one of the most influential math educators in Canada. She has authored or co-authored more than 100 math resources and travelled to mathematics classrooms around the world to provide consultation focused on improving understanding and performance in K–12 mathematics.


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