Educators share ideas that changed their classrooms

Specs: 8.5″x11.25″, 112 pages

My Best Idea: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy highlights the powerful and exemplary work of educators who are passionate in bringing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to life. There is also increased energy and commitment to teaching for the purposes of social justice, anti-oppression, anti-racism, decolonization, and reconciliation. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is the place where these transformative purposes of education meet curricular and instructional-specific goals. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is an actionable theory that resides in all ages, grade levels, and subject areas. It is a framework that brings us closer to inclusive and equitable spaces of teaching and learning.


  • transformative teaching strategies for teachers and school leaders from a diverse team of skilled CRP educators in Canada and the United States
  • specific instructional practices for launching an inquiry
  • key takeaways from each article in “The Bottom Line”
  • a glossary of key terms necessary in culturally relevant pedagogy, along with a detailed index


Karen Murray


Alice Te


Jennifer Watt



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