A Spelling Resource That Works

Spelling Workout is a research-based K–8 learning solution that takes a phonetic and structural approach to spelling instruction.



Spelling Workout is a research-based K–8 learning solution that takes a phonetic and structural approach to spelling instruction. This approach supports the strong relationship among reading, writing, and spelling. The Spelling Workout resource is developmental and systematically advances students from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns. Cross-curriculuar reading passages, high-interest writing activities, and skill-based games will enhance students’ literacy skills and help students develop a deeper understanding of the English language.

Practice-Based Student Workbooks

The Spelling Workout Student Workbook at each grade level provides 36 lessons with ample room for spelling practice, reading, writing, and proofreading exercises. Lesson emphasis is on spelling strategies, developing vocabulary, practising correct word usage, and understanding word derivations. Activities such as crosswords, riddles, and word search puzzles engage students in learning.

Developmental Spelling Word Lists

Each lesson in Spelling Workout focuses on a list of 20 words that relate to an organizing spelling principle, pattern, or origin. Lists of bonus words are provided from across the resource.

Word lists include:

  • Frequently misspelled words
  • Application to students’ academic experiences
  • Introduction to new or unfamiliar vocabulary
  • Words with visual structural similarity (consonant and vowel patterns)
  • Relationship groupings (prefixes, roots, subject areas, etc.)

Flexible, Research-Based Instructional Plan

The Spelling Workout Teacher’s Edition is designed with flexibility in mind, and includes both a 5-day and a 3-day plan. Teaching strategies are also provided to reinforce spelling skills with other resource areas throughout the day. Spelling Workout uses a proven test-study-test method of teaching spelling. The student first takes a pre-test of words that have not yet been introduced. Under the direction of the teacher, the student then corrects the test, rewriting correctly any word that has been missed. This approach provides opportunities for students to analyze spelling mistakes and discover spelling patterns.

The Teacher’s Edition includes:

  • Pre-test dictation sentences
  • Spelling strategies and start-up activities
  • Concise teaching notes for each lesson
  • Spelling and writing suggestions
  • Activities and dictation sentences for bonus words


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