Empowering Math Educators

M Magazine is an online math magazine dedicated to empowering K–12 math educators across Canada, the United States, and beyond.

For each issue of M Magazine, the team led by Marian Small creates:

  • In-depth articles that dive deep into the biggest issues facing math teachers like you
  • Q&As covering all things math, from curriculum queries to teaching strategies
  • Instructional and demo videos to help build and expand your foundational math skills
  • Downloadable, shareable activities to engage your students and keep them practising anytime, anywhere
  • And much more exclusive content to inspire you to provide the best possible learning experiences for your students
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Marian Small


Dr. Marian Small is an internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant. Dr. Small, whose career in education has spanned more than four decades, is considered one of the most influential math educators working today. She has authored or co-authored more than 85 math resources and travelled to mathematics classrooms around the world to provide consultation focused on improving understanding and performance in K–12 mathematics.