The perfect resource for Summer Learning

Grades: K–9

A Digital Resource for both teachers and students

Aligned to the Ontario 2020 and 2021 curriculum!

Created by Marian Small, MathUP Classroom is a flexible, comprehensive, online K–9 instructional solution that includes rich professional learning.

Custom Support for Summer Learning

In additional to the rich and flexible resources and support already available in MathUP Classroom, Marian has added specific support for summer educators to get the most out of their time with students and ensure they are focusing on what is most essential to prepare students for their upcoming year.

Marian has created specific content to support summer learning, including:

  • Custom Summer Learning Pathways
  • A Summer Learning Quick-Start Guide
  • Live Professional Learning Webinars

Organized by Essential Understandings

Marian has created grade-specific custom learning pathways clustered by essential understandings in order to prioritize for teachers the key learnings to focus on with students.

Custom Curricular Pathways

Key curriculum topics can be organized in personalized pathways to accommodate the requirements of small or large groups of students.


Marian Small


Dr. Marian Small is an internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant. Dr. Small, whose career in education has spanned more than four decades, is considered one of the most influential math educators in Canada. She has authored or co-authored more than 85 math resources and travelled to mathematics classrooms around the world to provide consultation focused on improving understanding and performance in K–12 mathematics.

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