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Funding for MathUP Student

If you’re considering adopting MathUP Student to complement MathUP Classroom, we have provided information that could help you secure provincial funding.

MathUP Student and Ontario’s Priorities and Partnerships Funding

We’re happy to share the good news that MathUP Student meets all the criteria outlined by the Ontario government for Digital Math Tools for this school year.

How MathUP Student Aligns with the Math Recovery Plan: Digital Math Tools

Outlined below are details on how you can use your Ontario Digital Math Tools funding to support a MathUP Student adoption.

School boards will provide digital math tools for all students in Grades 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to support student learning at home and in classrooms.

MathUP Student is available for all grades from 1–9. Students will have an individual login that allows them to access the additional practice, reteaching videos, and digital manipulatives either at home or in their classroom.

The digital math tools must be available in English and French.

The English version of MathUP Student will be available in August 2024, and plans are underway to create an equivalent French version.

The digital math tools must align with the Ontario curriculum.

MathUP Student is completely aligned to the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum because it is built to connect directly with MathUP Classroom. MathUP Student provides further purposeful practice with both foundational skills and fundamental concept questions in each math strand with alignment to the Ontario Curriculum Mathematical Processes. The Ontario Mathematics Curriculum includes the strategic integration of technology to support and enhance the learning and doing of mathematics which includes students developing the ability to select appropriate tools and strategies to solve problems. MathUP Student provides an opportunity to practice problem solving as well as access to the digital tools and manipulatives through access to Brainingcamp.

The digital math tools must include reporting for parents and educators to monitor student achievement and be adaptive and responsive.

MathUP Student provides teachers with assessment for learning data to inform instructional decisions and give feedback to students and parents/caregivers. The autoscorable skill practice questions provide teachers and students with immediate feedback. Teachers are able to see each student’s strengths and challenges, and provide responsive instruction through “In Short … Videos” and further practice in the areas of need. These videos focus on providing explicit reteaching of concepts and can be shared with students and parents/caregivers. As parents/caregivers follow along, they will get a view into what their child is learning and be able to support their math achievement.

School boards are encouraged to procure digital math tools listed on the OECM digital math tool vendor of record.

MathUP student meets the Ontario digital math funding criteria and aligns with the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace’s (OECM’s) requirements.

For more information about MathUP Student and Ontario’s Digital Math Tools funding, please get in touch with your sales rep.