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Get Ready for a Summer with Marian!

Join in on the fun with Marian’s Math Mini-Games and keep the math momentum going all summer long! We’ve teamed up with renowned educator Marian Small to give parents/caregivers and teachers engaging and interactive math activities that are perfect for kids from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or soaking up the sun, our specially curated activities are designed to make math fun and accessible wherever you are. Say goodbye to the summer slide and hello to a season filled with mathematical excitement! Get ready to help your students or kids rev up their skills and embark on a summer adventure that’s equal parts fun and educational. Let’s make this summer count, one equation at a time!

Making 10

“Making 10” is an engaging game designed to provide students with additional opportunities to practice composing the number 10. To play, you will need a set of Making 10 cards, which you can print out for use. The game is best played in pairs, with the objective being the first player to choose a combination of cards that make exactly 10.
Start by placing one set of Making 10 cards face up in front of the players. Each player then selects one card and places it face up in front of them. Players take turns choosing new cards and adding the value to the total of their existing cards. The first player to reach a total of exactly 10 wins the game. If a player’s total exceeds 10, they must put back one card and choose a different one on their next turn. After a round is completed, players can start a new game, switching who goes first.
This game encourages mathematical thinking and strategic decision-making while reinforcing the concept of composing the number 10.

Materials Needed for Making 10:

Making 10 PDF Download (Game from MathUP)

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Pattern Block Puzzle Quest

The Pattern Block Puzzle Quest is an engaging and educational game that leverages virtual pattern blocks to help children practice math skills in a fun and interactive way. In this game, players assign a specific value to the yellow pattern block, such as six or twelve, and then determine the values of the other blocks based on this initial value. The objective is to create designs that match specified value ranges, such as between 50 and 60 or 40 and 55, depending on the chosen numbers. As players build their designs, they practice addition, explore geometric shapes, and delve into fraction work, making it a multifaceted learning experience.

Materials Needed for Math Card Duel:

  1. Virtual Pattern Blocks
  2. Device with Internet Access
  3. Instructions for the Game
  4. Worksheet or Digital Form (Optional)
  5. Calculator (Optional)
  6. Paper and Pencil (Optional)

Math Card Duel

Math Card Duel is a fun and educational game designed to keep math skills sharp over the summer. To play, remove the face cards from a standard deck, leaving only the number cards. Each player draws two cards without looking and performs a math operation suited to their grade level, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. The player with the highest result wins the round and earns a point. Return the used cards to the bottom of the deck and continue drawing and calculating until one player reaches ten points. Math Card Duel is an engaging way for kids to practise math, either on their own or with others.

Materials Needed for Math Card Duel:

  1. A standard deck of playing cards (with face cards removed, leaving only the number cards)
  2. A flat surface to play on
  3. Paper and pencil (optional, for keeping score or performing calculations)


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