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OAKVILLE, ON — Rubicon Publishing is thrilled to announce that Fun and Fundamental Math for Young Children is now available.

Fun and Fundamental Math for Young Children by Marian Small focuses on the most important concepts and skills needed to provide early learners from JK to Grade 2 with a strong foundation in mathematics, in ways that are fun for both children and educators.

For each mathematical concept, Marian Small provides sample activities and lessons, as well as guidance for using children’s books, games, manipulatives, and electronic devices. In addition, Marian demonstrates how to differentiate instruction using tasks and questions designed to meet the needs of all students. Like all popular Marian Small resources, the text features her special brand of easy-to-understanding explanations of difficult concepts, fresh and engaging teaching examples, professional learning, troubleshooting tips and formative assessments.

Click here to learn more about Marian Small’s new resource for young children.