A trailblazing combination of inquiry, literacy, and curriculum content. 

6″ x 9″

Grades: 1–3
Reading Levels: A–P 

Grade 1: 8 & 12 pages
Grade 2: 16 pages
Grade 3: 24 pages

BOLDPRINT INQUIRY features 150 inclusive content readers designed to spark inquiry and wonder. The content readers are curated into five Inquiry Collections per grade, focusing on Science, Social Studies, and Humanities topics. Each title within a Collection is linked to an inquiry question that leads to the exploration of big ideas. BOLDPRINT INQUIRY also features expert professional learning support for teachers. Bringing inclusive, inquiry-based learning to the classroom has never been easier!



Series Consultants:

  • Jill Colyer
  • Jennifer Watt
  • David Booth
  • Kathleen Corrigan

Indigenous Content Consultant:

  • Colinda Clyne

Indigenous Packages

Inquiry Collections

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