Count down to active reading, active thinking, and inspired learning.

Inquiry-based framework designed to encourage students to think and read for meaning.


9″ x 12″, 48 pages



Also available in french:

Les 10

THE 10 is based on an exciting  “Top 10” countdown format and develops critical thinking, comprehension skills, and content-area vocabulary through engaging and intriguing titles that link to science, social studies, and arts curricula. Each book centres on an essential question designed to encourage students to think and read for meaning.


THE 10 uses a combination of edgy, high-impact visuals and effective literacy strategies to:

  • engage all students, including striving and reluctant readers
  • support students in their abilities to read, write, think, and solve problems like real-world experts
  • help students achieve deep content understandings that can be applied to various areas of the curriculum and to the world

Inquiry Approach: THE 10 has been designed to improve literacy and critical thinking with content-rich, inquiry-based learning.

A variety of Text Types: Each THE 10 book contains a wide range of non-fiction text types, including reports, interviews, diagrams, fact cards, and more.

Research-Based Strategies and Scaffolding: Through a combination of targeted strategies and scaffolding, these books help students think and read for meaning.



Intriguing opening text that helps students access and use their prior knowledge; clearly outlines the criteria that were considered in the ranking process.

Essential Question

Drives the inquiry process that will lead readers to their own opinions about the inquiry.

Introductory Paragraphs

Summarize the topic and spark students to read on.


Delivers a quick hit of information as well as a statement about the most significant factor that qualifies the subject to be ranked on the list.

Fact Files

Reveal significant details about the subject to build content-area reading skills.

Quick Facts:

Short, punchy “did you knows” that further capture the interest of students.

Main Reading Selection:

Content is presented in a variety of genres to extend understanding and to provide the reader with the opportunity to experience a variety of text types.

Supporting Questions

Guide disciplinary understanding and simulate the kinds of questions experts would ask as part of their own inquiries.

The Expert Says

Provides students with quotes and insights from real-world experts in the field.

Take Note

Invites readers to engage with the text by referring back to the previous entry and to think critically about why the subject received its ranking.

We Thought ... and What Do You Think?

Invite readers to summarize their ideas, refine their thinking, and research the topic further; readers are encouraged to embrace, resist, or adapt the ranking based on their understanding.


Series Editor

Jeffrey Wilhelm is an internationally known teacher, author, and presenter. He has authored or co-authored many books about literacy teaching, and has won two top research awards in English Education. He was the series editor of The 10, an award-winning collection of 100 high-interest readers that promote inquiry and introduce curriculum-based content into the classroom. He is currently Professor of English Education at Boise State University.




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