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NEW YORK, NY — Rubicon is pleased to announce that our Spanish-language series De Impacto Niños Lecturas Gráficas has been named a Supplemental Resources Finalist for the 2016 REVERE Awards.

“The REVERE Awards identify and [honour] high quality resources that educate learners of all ages, in all media, and in all educational environments, both in and beyond the classroom. The program supports the PreK–12 Learning Group’s mission of advocating for quality content in teaching and learning.”

De Impacto Niños Lecturas Gráficas is one of two finalists in the Supplemental Resources, Rescources For ELLs category. De Impacto Niños Lecturas Gráficas can be purchased as single titles or in 6-pack bundles through the Santillana USA website. The entire 36-title series can be found under the “Leveled Graphic Readers K–1” heading.

From the Santillana website: “De Impacto Niños Lecturas Gráficas combines engaging topics, exciting illustrations, and carefully leveled text, appropriate for young readers. This series includes titles from a variety of genres — nonfiction, adventure, mystery, riddles, etc. — and provides cross-curricular connections to Math, Social Studies, and Science topics.”

The winners of the 2016 REVERE Awards will be announced at the REVERE Awards Gala on 8 June 2016. For more information about the 2016 REVERE Awards and for the full list of finalists, please click here.