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OAKVILLE, ON — The Trillium List contains the titles of those textbooks (and digital textbooks) approved by the Minister of Education for use in Ontario schools. The textbooks (and digital textbooks) named on The Trillium List have been subjected to a rigorous evaluation in accordance with the criteria specified in Section 4 of Guidelines for Approval of Textbooks (and digital textbooks). MathUP Classroom Grade 1–6 has officially made The Trillium List and is seen under the Government of Canada as an approved mathematics resource for schools in Ontario.

Rubicon Publishing is honoured to be on The Trillium List with its game-changing math resource, MathUP Classroom. “Our Rubicon MathUP team is delighted and extremely proud of this achievement and recognition.” Susan Howell, Math Publisher.

MathUP Classroom is a professional learning resource for teachers, with student activities that cover the entire destreamed curriculum. For more information on MathUP Classroom or to start your free trial today, please visit

To view the full list of approved textbooks on The Trillium List, please visit