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OSHAWA, ON — On 5 February, Rubicon author and series editor Robert Cutting gave the keynote address at UOIT Faculty of Education’s Aboriginal conference. His topic included the importance of stories to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) Peoples, and how those stories give history, culture, and life lessons to each community. Robert explained that the “gift of story is connection. … When we feel connected to the story,” Robert explained, “we identify with it, and become one with the words and meaning.”

At the end of the day, Robert gave the closing remarks to teacher candidates, concluding with these inspirational words: “You are not guests here on Turtle Island, you are our brothers and sisters, and we live together in harmony, connected through the generations. Welcome to the next moment in your life.”

“It is always a pleasure to talk with the newest teachers who will take our youth forward into the future,” Robert said. “It is an honour to be with them for even a short time.”

Robert Cutting is an author and series editor for Rubicon’s Turtle Island Voices series. Turtle Island Voices is a series of books for students in Grades 1–8 designed to foster awareness and understanding of Aboriginal cultures for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. These books are a valuable resource for developing literacy skills and character education, and instilling in students empathy for family and community, and an understanding of global issues. For more information about the Turtle Island Voices series, please click here.