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OAKVILLE, ON — Rubicon’s Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson series by Marian Small has been reviewed favourably in the most recent issue of Professionally Speaking magazine. The magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers featured the Open Questions series in the review section on page 44, giving teachers a great idea of what the series is all about. Reviewer Jennifer Wyatt wrote:

“This book is an invaluable resource for a solid mathematics program that relies on the sturdy foundation of the three-part lesson. For those unacquainted with that model, it consists of a brief orientation section, an action component and a consolidation period. Teachers draw on students’ prior knowledge through discussion, present the main learning activity and then highlight the learning that has occurred. Each of these parts is supported by suggestions for open-ended questions that can be used to spur learning […] All expectations addressed are listed or clustered — making it even easier for teachers to refer back to their long-range plans and cross reference when using multiple resources to deliver their mathematics program.” You can find the full review of the Open Questions series in the Professionally Speaking magazine here.

The Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson books are essential for every K-8 classroom. These bestselling teacher resource books are organized around expectation clusters from the Ontario curriculum and include questions for the different parts of the three-part lesson. The books use a highly visual format to present easy-to-use questions and sample responses that cover all the expectations for each topic. These resources can be used on their own or to provide more practice questions in MathUP, a new core math resource for grades K-8. To learn more about MathUP and sign up for information, click here.

The Open Questions books come in a couple strands and formats. There are the Number Sense and Numeration books for grades K-3 and 4-8, in English and French, and also the Measurement, Patterning & Algebra books in K-3 and 4-8 in English. Look for new titles coming soon, and learn more about these resources on our website here.