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Savvas Realize® LMS

Teachers need engaging, easy-to-use digital content and classroom management features that enrich and support classroom time. Savvas Realize® is your user-friendly digital home for more than 1000 interactive Savvas programs.

  • Automatic student rostering
  • Curriculum-aligned content
  • Customizable lessons and assessments
  • Real-time student data to guide instruction
  • Seamless integrations with popular edtech partners such as Google Classroom™ and Schoology®

Fewer Clicks and Faster Access to Important Tasks

Realize provides everything in one place. Educators can access and assign engaging program content with time-saving tools for rostering, instruction, and evaluating assignments.

Access Everything in One Place

Realize provides easy access to Savvas curriculum-aligned instruction, learning resources, student rosters, and classroom management tools.

Versatile and

The streamlined Realize dashboard helps teachers easily customize lesson plans, comment on student work, review mastery data, and launch and track assignments.

Seamless Plug-and-Play Integrations

Realize is 1EdTech Certified. It seamlessly integrates with edtech systems in schools and districts. Auto-rostering and single sign-on for users make for easy access.


Interactive digital content, videos, animations, games, and adaptive resources make student learning experiences engaging and personalized.

The Online LMS for Everyone

Realize provides everything in one place. Educators can access and assign engaging content with time-saving tools for rostering, instruction, and evaluating assignments.

  • Ready-to-Use Content: Realize provides curriculum-aligned content, saving teachers hours of lesson planning time.
  • Differentiated Instruction: Teachers have access to resources and tools for differentiation. Reach all learners from any starting point, and help them grow and achieve greater success.
  • Easy-to-Customize: Use ready-to-go content or customize it. Upload your own files, add links, and build tests. Create interactive PDFs and assignments.
  • Create Learning Playlists: Teachers can make their own lesson playlists of activities and assign to individual students, groups, or the whole-class. Share the playlist with teachers in your school or district.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Access individual student and whole class assessment results. Check mastery data for auto-scored assessments. Realize helps teachers target instruction based on student strengths and needs.
  • Communicate Effectively:Teachers can add positive feedback and constructive comments for students. When assessments are returned to students, teachers can provide an extra opportunity to review and resubmit work based on the feedback received.
  • Manage Assignments: It’s easy to assign content, due dates, and project tasks. Teachers can quickly view class assignments from the dashboard or class tab.
  • Auto-Rostering Synchronization: Nightly auto sync with Savvas EasyBridge lets educators manage all student data and information in one system. Teachers spend less time managing class rosters and more time teaching.
  • Single Sign-On Management: Realize offers easy-to-use authentication and identity management for users.
  • Realize Reports: Administrators can get a board-level view of student performance data, monitor usage, and compare trends across schools in the district.
  • School Board/District Assessment Sharing: Realize lets adminstrators customize and share assessments and playlists across an entire school or district.
  • Easy Data Transfers: Realize enables administrators to share student data on class transfers within the board or district. Educators can view previously submitted scores from another class of the same subject, making teaching more cohesive and effective.
  • 1EdTech Certified: Realize offers easy plug-and-play interoperability with popular edtech, such as Google Classroom™ and Schoology®.
  • Safe, Centralized Rostering: EasyBridge provides user management and class roster synchronization to simplify platform set-up tasks and accounts for all teachers and students.
  • 24/7 Digital Training Library: Teachers have instant access to online digital training, including asynchronous interactive courses, on-demand tutorials, live chat features, and email support.
  • Translate into 100+ Languages: The eText can be translated and read aloud in a large variety of languages for students and their families.
  • Interactive PDFs: Students can annotate, highlight, complete, and submit their PDF worksheets in an entirely digital environment.
  • At-a-Glance Dashboard: For each of their Realize classes, students have a class card that includes recent assignment information, alerting them to comments and reminding them of due dates. Cards also provide access to each class’s test scores and programs.
  • Access Content Online and Offline: With Realize Reader eText available both online and offline, students can access the eText—and take notes, highlight, save bookmarks, and respond to prompts.

Take a Closer Look at Savvas Realize Learning Management System

Realize provides everything in one place. Educators can access and assign engaging program content with time-saving tools for rostering, instruction, and evaluating assignments.

Teacher Overview


Everything is at your fingertips. Find the content you want right away.

Administrator Highlights


Administrators can customize and share assessments across a school or district.

Accessing the eText


Students can access the Realize Reader online or offline.

Getting Started with Realize

Stay organized, save time, and improve student outcomes.

Award-Winning and Versatile

Realize content works with your school’s systems. New integrations via LTI-A standards include Safari Montage, Agilix Buzz, and D2L Brightspace.

Google Classroom Integration

Everything is at your fingertips. Find the content you want right away.

Schoology Integration

Explore how Realize easily integrates with Schoology.

Agilix Buzz Integration

Students can access the Realize Reader online or offline.

EasyBridge Provides Digital Rostering Solutions to Meet Every School Where It Is

For Administrators

  • All teachers and students log in with one set of credentials either directly into Realize or via your board or district portal.
  • Training and documentation cover the EasyBridge solution as well as learning platform administrator tasks, such as registering for an administrator account and running reports.

For Teachers

  • Students are ready to learn on day one. No tedious classroom set-up!
  • Learn how to make assignments, view student progress, and much more on each platform page.

For Administrators

  • Rosters are synced in real time from your student information system.
  • Access administrator video tutorials and handouts from the On-Demand Training tab.

For Teachers

  • Rest assured all the class rosters and student information are up to date and accurate.

For Administrators

  • Use the Administrator Support Guide to determine which tasks you want to complete to assist teachers with set‑up tasks.
  • Training tutorials and handouts are available on the On‑Demand Training tab.

For Teachers

  • EasyBridge teachers manage their programs and classes on each learning platform.
  • Access the platform training pages to learn about these tasks, along with how to make assignments, view and export student progress, and much more.

Useful Realize Support and Guidance

On Demand and at Your Pace offers 24/7 comprehensive, self-paced Realize training for teachers and administrators. From getting started to making assignments and student performance analysis, Savvas has you covered.

  • How-to video tutorials
  • Self-paced Realize virtual courses
  • User guides, FAQs, and resources
Go to My Savvas Training

Get to Know Realize

The Realize Digital User Guide is a simplified, self-paced guide to help teachers get started with all the basics.

View the Guide

EdTech Connections In-Depth

Tired of managing multiple platforms? Add your Savvas course content right into your existing LMS with industry-leading integrations.

Learn More

Savvas Realize Testimonials

“The portal is user-friendly for students to navigate, see their grades and receive feedback instantly.”

— Janiece Davis, Teacher

“My students use their online textbook daily. We use the interactive lessons as a bellwether to help with grammar, writing, and other skills.”

— Amy McKay, Teacher

“It helps streamline content delivery, allows for greater differentiation, and personalized learning.”

— Marjorie Light, Director of Curriculum and PD

Frequently Asked Questions About Savvas Realize

What technical support is available for Savvas Realize?

Savvas provides customer service and technical support (included with purchase) via phone and email. We employ professional staff to assist our customers:

  • Our team members can be reached by phone at 800.848.9500, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time.
  • Online customer service, self-service options, and other helpful resources. For additional assistance, click Contact Us.
  • mySavvasTraining features on-demand tutorials, webinars, user guides, and quick tips for our programs and online platforms.

What reporting features are available?

Savvas Realize provides real-time student and class data, including progress toward achievement of curriculum expectations and overall progress. Access is role-based for analyzing student progress through on-demand reports at the test level, student level, or whole-class view to assist in making instructional decisions. These roles include

  • District Administrator See data from student and teacher accounts at all schools within your district
  • School Administrator See data from student and teacher accounts within your school
  • Teacher See data for students enrolled in your classes

How are users notified of System Downtime?

While most system updates are automatically deployed and require no downtime, in the event of downtime, the Savvas Status Page is updated with information. Additionally, users can sign up for email updates.

What are the Technical Requirements for Savvas Realize?

Savvas Realize is a cloud based application accessible through most modern browsers. View the complete System Requirements.

What is Savvas EasyBridge Basic?

EasyBridge Basic is the manual rostering option for districts that wish to have rosters managed at the classroom level. Teachers have the option to add students and co-teachers, as well as opt in or out of the new year data rollover process.

What is EasyBridge Auto?

With its nightly automated roster synchronization capabilities, Savvas EasyBridge Auto brings together essential student information in one place so that teachers spend less time managing class rosters and more time teaching. Enrolment data automatically flows from your SIS to our designated learning platforms, allowing 24/7 access to the most up-to-date student information.

What is Savvas EasyBridge Plus?

In addition to the automatic roster synchronization provided with Savvas EasyBridge Auto, Savvas EasyBridge Plus further helps provide districts with easy access to student information through SSO, where students and teachers need to remember only one set of credentials. Users can easily move between systems without re-entering their username and password.

Does Savvas Realize integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Yes. Savvas Realize is 1EdTech certified. Additionally, we provide LTI-Advantage integrations with Canvas, Schoology, and a variety of other third-party LMS. Additional information can be found on the Savvas LMS Integration webpage.

Does Savvas Realize integrate with Student Information Systems (SIS)?

Yes. Realize offers single sign-on (SSO) and roster integration with supported student information systems (SIS) to automate the flow of roster data. Realize supports any SAML 2.0 Identity provider, including Active Directory Federation Services and Google. Watch here for more information.

Does Savvas Realize integrate with Google Classroom?

Yes. Savvas Realize and Google Classroom integrate to allow for additional teacher flexibility in sharing content, assessments, and rosters. As a Google for Education Partner, Savvas Realize offers integrations, support, and flexibility with curriculum and technology.

Is Savvas Realize compliant with PROVINCIAL AND FEDERAL LAWS?

Yes, we build our systems with provincial and federal laws in mind, and we train our customers and employees in maintaining systems for compliance.

The Rubicon, a Savvas Learning Company Privacy Policy describes how we collect, protect, use, and share personal information gathered from users of our websites, applications, products, and services.

Is all data secure and encrypted?

Yes, all data is secured both in transit and at rest using industry encryption standards.

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